2010 - a look back

Rhiannon recently informed me that the middle of March is not an appropriate time to start thinking about putting together a photo slideshow for the previous year. This came as a bit of a shock to me considering I seem to put off computer projects like that for at least a few months after they should have been done. (Next up: Brooklynn's one year old book - I figure I'll get to it by the time she's 3 or so.) So I went back through the photo archives and picked out a few or 300 that seemed to summarize our year. All presented for your viewing enjoyment in chronological order. Less than a week in to the new year. I'm going to get around to making those 2010 resolutions any day now at this rate.

Before we had a kid of our own, I thought that people who had a baby and spent all their time talking about their kid and taking pictures of their kid were kind of obsessive and weird. Seriously, get your own life, right? If you feel the same way, maybe you should skip the video.

I didn't count how many of the pictures Brooklynn is in, but I'm guessing that it's around two-thirds. And of the few thousand pictures from the year that I didn't pick, she's probably hovering somewhere north of 90%. I guess that makes me kind of obsessive and weird.

Major highlights of the year: a week in the hospital with respiratory issues, a trip to California, Oregon, and Washington along the pacific coast, going back to North Dakota for my 10-year reunion (add old to obsessive and weird), a trip to Minnesota to visit grandparents, going to a cross country meet, and a trip back to ND again for Christmas.

As always, head over to Vimeo to see the larger HD version.

2010 : A Year in Photos from Chris&Rhiannon on Vimeo.