Rhiannon spends a little under 50 minutes in the car each day with Brooklynn. We hope it's at least under an hour unless traffic is bad. Now that Brooklynn is getting a little older, she kind of talks, babbles, and typically takes her socks off. From today, a conversation between Brooklynn and Rhiannon on the drive home:


Brooklynn, can you say Mommy? Mommy?

Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma.

Good. Can you say dog?

Doh. Doh!

Doh-g. Dooooggg. With a G.

Doh! Doh!

Ok, we'll keep working on that one. Can you say "Love you"?

*mmmmmmaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!* - This is the sound that Brooklynn makes as she blows kisses.


Sometimes I forget how much she understands versus how much she can communicate.