just waiting on the snow

Last week, we got our first little bit of snow. Due to the fact that it had been in the 70s as recently as last weekend, the ground was still quite warm and the snow didn't stick around very long, at least around our house. This morning, we had a couple of light snow showers that mostly melted as they hit the ground. So, it is snow season. Which makes is good timing that we just received the snow pants and winter jacket we ordered for Brooklynn on Friday. Last night, we went out and bought her some snow boots.

We tried one boot on in the store, just to make sure we were being somewhat reasonable in size. It's hard to tell with her and the combination of big clunky shoes and a non-word-using child doesn't help. Brooklynn has some thick feet and we've struggled in the past finding shoes that actually go all the way on her feet. Luckily, the boots are a little bigger anyway and we're hoping they last through the spring, so we didn't have too many issues.

When we got home, we did put both of them on her feet and let her walk around for a little while to make sure that everyone in the family was ok with the purchase including the one who doesn't earn any money. At first, she refused to walk without holding onto someone's hand. I don't know if the boots were a little heavier than she was used to or the soles a little stiffer, but it almost required a short learning period where she acquired the ability to walk all over again.

And soon enough, she was taking huge steps and cruising around the house.

We haven't put the entire ensemble on her yet. We've had the coat and hat and gloves on, and the coat and snow pants, and the boots, but never all items on at the same time. It almost seems a shame to spoil the full picture before we actually have enough snow to warrant their use.

I'm not saying that I'm ready to break out my snow shovel quite yet, but we're prepared. I'd be fine maintaining this nicer weather all the way into December. But, whenever that time does come, we have a cute baby on standby, ready for her first snowman making experience.

Ok, maybe she doesn't really know what's coming, but her dad is ready. And that's really what counts.