let's all get messy

Today, we were invited to the first birthday party of Kaiya, one of Brooklynn's friends. (Rhiannon used to teach with Kaiya's mom.) Whereas Brooklynn never really seemed to keen on digging in to her cake, Kaiya had no such reservations. Once she figured out the cake was soft and sweet, it never really had much of a chance. Digging In

They had a cake just for the birthday girl and a cupcake butterfly for everyone else.

Cupcake Butterfly

I think Brooklynn was trying to make up for her lack of mess at her own birthday (although she did very well using the fork). Now we just have to work on teaching her that attempting to upstage the guest of honor at a party is never good behavior for an invitee, regardless of how great a present you brought. It just isn't done.

So Good

Fully enjoying the food that is presented is very acceptable, so I suppose we'll let it slide this time.