a needed benefit

Since both Rhiannon and I decided to play in our volleyball league again this year (the same league that caused the sprained ankle I am still slowly recovering from five weeks later), we needed a babysitter. In the past, whenever we've gone out on a weekend or even weeknight, we've relied on help from Rhiannon's family, a couple of her former students, or even our daycare provider (talk about working overtime...) But, with a consistent standing night out—volleyball has become our version of date night—and some of those nights not ending until 10:30 or later, it wasn't going to work for us to be dropping and picking Brooklynn up or having young high schoolers come to the house. So we found ourselves a babysitter.

We have a babysitter. Someone who comes to our house on Thursday nights and watches Brooklynn.

Well, last night, she came over after Brooklynn was asleep so she really just watched a baby monitor, but it seems just a little neglectful to leave a sleeping baby home alone for an hour while we go out.  (Yes, that was a joke. We would never leave Brooklynn asleep at home by herself. We make sure she's awake so she knows we left.)

But most nights, she comes over, watches Brooklynn for a while and gets her to bed at a decent time. So far, we've had nothing but good reports about how the evenings go without us. Maybe something to do with the fact that Brooklynn isn't old enough to talk back yet and the fact that most evenings she's tired enough she wants to go to bed.

And we even have plans to possible go out on a Saturday for a few hours. And use a babysitter.

We found a babysitter. It was much needed.

Somdays, I feel really old.