We normally don't let Brooklynn watch too much TV or videos. Even when it's on, her attention span isn't all that long. She'll look at the screen for a little bit, 30 seconds or so, and then wander off to play with a toy or find a snack. And then I played a music video for her on my computer. She watched it five straight times. And absolutely screamed when I took her away. Dogs, bright colors, and music she can bop her head to. In the world of Brooklynn, this is one of the greatest things ever.

Zoned Out

Please excuse the messiness of the desk. It will get cleaned soon, I assure you. Brooklynn's eye level is now just above the desktop and anything within arms reach is starting to go in to the trash can.

The group is Ok Go—I posted one of their last videos here. This one is a keeper as well. Check it out for yourself:

Ok Go - White Knuckles

There is one animal that is not a dog. 50 bonus points to you if you spot it the first time watching.