baby blue eyes

We have a baby of our own under two years old and I'm still amazed at how much kids can change when you don't see them for a few months. When we last saw Bennett, he was about half as old as he is now. And he didn't have teeth. And he wasn't crawling. And he didn't pose like he was looking to score the cover of GQ. GQ Look Down

Just when we feel pretty confident that Brooklynn has the title of "Cutest Grandchild" wrapped up, we go and visit her cousins and realize how much work she has to do to keep up. At least she still has that distinction on my side of the family.

I also forget how nice it is to be able to sit four feet away from a kid to take pictures and not be constantly rushed by a toddler who wants to play with the camera.

Baby Blue Eyes

Check out those eyes. Brooklynn takes after her mother in the fact that her eyes are a combination of colors that vary with the time of day. When people ask what color her eyes are, we're sometimes hard-pressed to give a definitive answer. No such problems with this one.