month 15

Dear Brooklynn, A week ago, you turned 15 months old. Yes, your dad has been slacking. I considered not writing a monthly letter this time around, but then, it seems like there is still so much to talk about. You are by far the most demanding and opinionated person that I know, especially considering the fact that you are under three feet tall and your grasp of the english language is tenous at best.

A little wet

You learned how to shake your head "no" a few months ago and have been doing it ever since to answer questions. Brooklynn, do you want to leave and go home now? *shaking no* Brooklynn, it's getting late. Do you want to go take a bath? *shaking no* Brooklynn, do you want to have a bite of my cookie with frosting on it? *shaking no while reaching for cookie*

So, you know that we're asking questions and that you should have some sort of response. That much is clear. Your understanding of the appropriate response is still up in the air. Just in the past week, you have started occasionally shaking your head yes. You're still a little uncoordinated in this motion, and it's really more of an upper body movement involving shoulders, back, neck, and head. So, you're either signalling yes or suffering from small siezures. Either way, I'm glad we get something besides no all the time.

Fun Brushing

Head movement isn't the only way you communicate. Sometimes there is pointing and shrieking. We see occasional foot stomping of the quick feet variety. And you always try to tell us about dogs. When we are out for walks, you will point, squeal, and look back at us to make sure we see that there is in fact a dog. We even think you say dog. It's more of a "Dou! Dou!" and you also have a "Gah Gah" sound. Once, I think you combined both of them in a hybrid "DouGah" sound, and your mother and I got excited until we realized that you were looking at a rabbit.

Anyway, we know that it's only a matter of time until the words come. Last night in the bath, you and I spent a good five minutes saying Uh-Oh together about nothing in particular. And last week, you mumbled MaMaMaMa as you chased her across a shoe store.

Bottom Teeth

Yes, you were running across a store, so rest assured that we take you out in public on occasion. You are starting to get a little shy around people but only if they pay attention to you. In that very same shoe store you chased Mom across, you were watching three ladies trying on shoes. Slowly you inched closer to them, intent on watching, until one of them commented that even the baby liked the lasted pair she had tried on and all three of them turned to look at you. Realizing you had been noticed, you came running back to my legs to play shy and bashful.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised that you didn't attempt to try on shoes with them. You love to try on our shoes in the house and you are getting much better at inserting your own foot into the openings in my works shoes. It's cute and adorable, of course, but it isn't quite as amusing when I have to locate my shoes in the morning from wherever you hid them the night before, only to discover that I also need to re-lace them. I guess that you see us tie shoes and just can't resist playing with the laces, pretending to tie them too.


In fact, you mimic a lot of the things we do. You like help with the cleaning. When Mom wipes off the table, you need your won paper towel to wipe the walls, table and chairs. We won't even mention how terrifying the fact that you are tall enough to reach your hand to the kitchen counters is. We also have you help pick up your toys and clean up after the bath. You like to stand on the bathroom scale and I assume that we're only a matter of weeks away from you figuring out how to open up the doors in the house. Heaven help us all.

The last time Tyler visited us, he taught you how to give hi fives, and so far, it's a habit that has stuck. Your hugging and kissing comes and goes, but hi fives must be cool enough to do with your parents all the time. At least until you figure out how to use a cell phone to message to your friends how completely unhip we are. Just remember, we have pictures and stories of you when you were little and they can be used to embarrass a teenager if needed.

Picking Rocks

I don't think there has been a time recently that more than a couple of days go by without either your mom or I commenting on the fact that you are doing something new or different that we didn't even realize you had learned. I know that you want to be big so fast and do everything we do, but it's ok to stay our little baby for just a while longer.

Love, Dad