relax and put my feet up

Rhiannon and I play in a competitive volleyball league on Thursday nights, one which has necessitated us finally finding a regular baby sitter to come to our house. This is probably not a bad thing. Last night, the baby sitter was out of town and I think we through five or six options before finding somewhere for Brooklynn to go during the game. We ended up taking her back to our daycare (nightcare?) provider where she could sleep in a familiar place while we played and then picked her up. Thanks, Jamie.

We were really getting to down to our last possible options; one of the next things on the list was for me to stay home with Brooklynn for the night and just let Rhiannon go play without me. This is what we did last during the seasons that Rhiannon played. However, it would have been short notice for the team and I don't know if we could have found a sub to take my place.

Maybe I should have stayed home.


I came down on another player's foot last night and sprained my ankle. I'm going to give you three guesses as to which one is hurt, and the first two don't count. I'm no doctor, but I think if your leg actually gets wider at the bottom, that never indicates anything good is going on.

Last night, it was even more of a ball shape, kind of like someone stuffed an apple inside my leg and it fell to the bottom. I have the day off from work, and as she was leaving, Rhiannon told me to relax and stay off my feet as much as possible. Why don't I ever hear those instructions when I'm not in pain?