summer fevers

We think Brooklynn is teething again, and I say think because she won’t open her mouth long or wide enough for either of us to get a good look in there. The major symptom we are dealing with right now is a fever (which she had when her first four teeth came in) and a slight runny nose. She had a fever about a month ago and we made the same assumption then, but still no new teeth, so at this point, I’m not really presuming anything this time around. Still, it would be nice for her to get a molar or two, just we could at least pretend that she chews her food before swallowing it. Watching her shovel pieces of fruit into her mouth as fast as her small fingers can pick them up does not lead one to believe that much actual chewing goes on. Thankfully, there is a lot of fruit in season right now and is mashable with just a quick squash from some gums.

Although, judging from the whole pieces of veggies that make it through her digestive system from time to time, I don’t know how much mashing happens either.