break from the morning routine

Our master bathroom happens to share a wall with Brooklynn's bedroom. Since we've been getting up on a new schedule this week, it leads to Rhiannon and I talking in the morning, and I suppose if Brooklynn is in a deep sleep, we might rouse her. I'm not really concerned with waking her up, because we have to do it anyway to get out the door on time. On a typical morning, I go in to her room and get her dressed for the day. I did it almost every day of the school year last year and the first three days this week. I guess she's pretty used to having me to interact with, at least when the sun is just coming up.

This morning, I was running a little late, so when Brooklynn woke up, Rhiannon was more ready to get her than I was. Through the monitor, I heard her mention to Brooklynn that having Mom get her ready was a change. Rhiannon stopped by our bedroom before heading downstairs with the baby, and Brooklynn started to cry and reach out for me. I took her, said good morning, and tried to hand her back.

She cried and held on to me. This is the typical response that Rhiannon got for most of the summer when I would come home, except that this time, the tables were reversed.

Rhiannon looked at me and asked how it felt to be the more loved parent for the moment.

I replied that it was nice but a littleĀ inconvenient, especially seeing as how I was trying to finish getting dressed and having to hold a clinging baby at the same time.

She looked at me and said, "Exactly." And then she walked away.

Welcome to parenthood.