she's a biter

We made it safely back to Colorado a few days ago. The night before we were going to leave, we briefly discussed setting an alarm. But really, who needs to set an alarm when you have a baby that doesn't know the definition of sleeping in, even when on vacation. She slept in almost 90 minutes later than any other day.

We hit night road construction on the interstate what should have been less than 45 minutes from home. 25 minutes to go one mile later, Brooklynn was going a little stir crazy in the back seat. I wasn't sure if it was a human child or a hyper-active monkey on the brink of a meltdown.

As soon as we cleared the construction, we stopped for some ice cream.

Ice cream makes everything better. She learned this from her Grandpa in North Dakota.

It seems like the lesson stuck.

She's a Biter