teaching taking turns

Rhiannon is on summer break from school right now, which means she is staying home during the days with Brooklynn. It's also leading to conversations that go a little like the following: Rhiannon: Are you almost done mowing the lawn?

Me: Yep.

Rhiannon: You have good timing.

Me: I know, it looks like it might rain any minute.

Rhiannon: No, not that. Brooklynn just pooped and she wants you to change her diaper.

Me: Are you sure you can't take care of that?

Rhiannon: I'm pretty sure she wants you to do it. Besides, I already changed two messy ones earlier today.

Me: I don't think she specifically requested me. Did you, Brooklynn?


Rhiannon: That means she wants you.

Me: I'd say that's open to interpretation.

Rhiannon: When you've spent as much time with her as I have recently, you feel free to interpret all you want. She'll be waiting for you when you get in.