one-tooth wonder

From about the time she started to smile, I’ve been referring to Brooklynn as my Toothless Wonder. Some people assumed that the runny nose and fever which was the beginning of her colds back in December signified the onset of teething. I just assumed that I would continue use the toothless reference until it was no longer applicable. For anyone who pays attention to what I title my posts, the time of applicability is over. Brooklynn officially has one of front bottom tooth in. It went through a few days of poking through, receding, and surfacing again. Other than some Motrin at night and a decent amount of nose wiping (most of which was done by my parents when they were watching her), we made it through it relatively unscathed.

I haven’t found any tooth marks on end tables or crib rails. This is either due to the fact that she only has a tooth on one side of her mouth and can’t bite down too hard (my finger disagrees with this) or that she has taken a liking to blankets, towels, and stuffed animals. Biting, chewing, kissing, whatever you’d like to call it.

She goes to sleep chewing on a blanket and wakes up in the morning to chew on it some more. Fluffy is better than smooth, and fuzzy ranks pretty high up there too. Fluffy, fuzzy Beanie-Babies are fine living, especially when she carries them around in her mouth like a mother cat.

One-tooth wonder doesn’t quite have the same ring as the toothless moniker to me. Just another sign the tiny human in our house is growing up. And by the time we get up to five-tooth wonder, well, that just sounds like some sort of Medusa.