month eleven

Dear Brooklynn- Yesterday, you turned 11 months old, which means that we can now round up and start telling people you're a year. But we probably won't do that, because it would mean we have a one year old. As in, what happened to our little baby and where did this tiny human who lives in our house come from? Your mom already thinks that you have started "talking back" to her on a few occasions and you are prone to collapsing on the floor in a crying puddle if we tell you no, you can't do something. The terrible twos seems like they just might be around the corner already.

Crouching Brooklynn

Last month, you had just learned how to crawl. This mostly involved going across the living room to hit the TV. Now, with your newfound independence increasing every day, you have learned that there is a life beyond the room that Mom and Dad are in. This is an exciting development, but it also means that we really do turn around and wonder where you went.

If we lose track of you for too long, it seems that we can probably find you heading toward the big potted plant near the front door. Last week, your mom accused me of feeding you brownies after she saw brown crumbs on your face. It turns out that you were just trying to scarf down the dirt before someone caught on to your little hijinks.


Speaking of scarfing down food, your ability to gum up all kinds of food is rapidly increasing. For many meals, we don't prepare special food for you as much as tear up the food we are eating into small little bits and watch you smear those tiny pieces all over our glass table. And you usually manage to get some of it into your mouth as well.

Even though you aren't really supposed to have much in the way of dairy products yet, we gave you some vanilla ice cream after you stared at us so intently while we had our own sweet treats. The first bite you had was sort of one of shock at the temperature, and you scrunched your brows and glared at us like we tricked you into thinking that it should have been something good. And then, once you got past the shock of the cold and discovered the sweet, you were 100% on board. Ice cream, now and repeatedly please. If we got to talking and didn't give you another bite as soon as the previous one was gone, well, that was just not acceptable.

Who you gonna call?

After you polished off the little cup we dished up, you started looking around for more. And because we are your parents and we love you very much, we didn't give you any. Ice cream is a desert and a once in a while food (until you are adult like Mom and Dad and can decide what unhealthy foods to eat whenever you want. Then you can also complain after a really big meal about how you shouldn't have eaten so much. That's one of the privileges of being all grown up.)

Even with the ice cream, Oreo cookies, and other sweet things we give you in addition to your normal daily diet, you haven't gain so much as a pound in the past two months. Both your mother and I are ready to start your diet and daily activity plan. I never knew just crawling around and trying to screw up expensive electronic items could burn so many calories. We just looked back at some pictures of you when you were only six months old. Just between you and me, you look better a little more mobile and a little less round.

Follow the Trail

Maybe the biggest change of all this month is the fact that we are not actually home with you right now. We will be gone for six whole nights without seeing you. The morning that we left was harder than either of us anticipated, and we hope that you understood when we said we would be gone for a little while but that we would come back soon to be with you again. We're having a good time on our vacation to the northwest, but we still don't go very long in between times that you are mentioned or thought about. If the pictures that your grandparents are sending us are any indication, you're getting along just fine. Apparently, you already have a two piece swimsuit which is something that we had decided wouldn't happen until you were old enough to go a mall and buy one yourself.

What's in there?

Brooklynn, even though we aren't with you right now and you are starting to display an attitude to go along with your inheritance of your mother's stubborn streak, we wouldn't change anything about you. Take advantage of this time when you can get away with bad behavior because you "don't know any better". Just between you and me, I'm well aware of the fact that you know more than you let on and you do in fact know exactly what you're doing.

With Mom

But don't worry, your secret's safe with me.

Love, Dad