an extra five minutes

Just in case anyone out there is worried about the lack of updates on the site recently, know that we're all doing fine if tending to be a little bit on the busy side of life. Rhiannon is winding down the school year which means end of year projects to grade and report cards to finish. I've been pretty swamped getting a package out the door to a client that ended up being almost 500 sheets of paper. (Don't worry, we have two more to go by the end of July and this was the smallest of the three. And yes, even though we're in the computer age, everything will be printed out.)

And we still have over half of our spring/summer to-do list waiting. The pace of crossing that stuff off has come to a screeching halt and we feel like we're doing well to keep our grass watered. Notice I didn't say mowed. No, mowing has not happened. If anyone would like to volunteer, let me know.

So, time is at a little bit of a premium around the house right now. Two nights ago, while Rhiannon was feeding Brooklynn her nightly bottle before bed, we commented that it would really be nice if she could hold the bottle herself so we didn't have to do it for her all the time. She took Brooklynn's hands, placed them on the sides of the bottle...

Brooklynn can hold her own bottle just fine. I imagine that she's probably had that capability for a month or so and we just never asked her to do it. For the past two mornings, I've stuck her in the corner of the couch, put her hands on her bottle, and let her sit and eat while I put together her diaper bag for the day.

That's five to ten minutes back in the morning, and considering it normally takes us about 40 minutes to get everything out the door, it pretty much feels half the day was just freed up (and then the cascade of "the next thing on the list" crashes in as quickly as time becomes available).

The lesson from all of this? Sitting on the couch and drinking alone is an outstanding achievement, as long as you're a baby.

Sitting on the couch and drinking alone is merely understandable if you're a parent.