still waiting for the sun

We've had a few nice days this spring, but recently, it's been more colder than warm and more snow than sun. Hold on one second. Yep, I just checked my calendar and confirmed that it is indeed the middle of May.

I know, some people's weather involves flooding, tornados, and sinkholes that are swallowing houses whole. It could be so much worse than a little frostiness in the morning. It's really hard to complain about wet roads and white rooftops. But when you've had a taste of this as recently as last weekend...

Painter's Hat Outside does make it hard to accept cold as the forecast. We even had to cover up a few of the more delicate flowers we just planted. And here we thought we missed the last frost by at least a month.

We do have a little bit of sun left over from Mother's Day in the form of flowers on one of our end tables. As much grief as I give Rhiannon about her love of plants that are cut and dying before you even bring them home, I will admit they brighten the place up on these dreary days. I guess that will have to do for now.