how to upsell

We had to take our vehicle in for some service on various small items and an oil change. As much as I hate having the monthly payment for a few years that goes with owning a "luxury" brand vehicle, I do appreciate some of the perks that go along with having a vehicle serviced by a "luxury" dealership. One such perk is getting a loaner car from the dealership that is very similar to your own vehicle, or in our case, just a 2009 version of our 2008. Since 2009 happened to be a new model makeover, it's given us a change to experience some of the changes on the inside instead of just seeing the cosmetic exterior design modifications.

We've spent the past two days playing with things  like air-conditioned seats, a better iPod interface, a navigation package we didn't get in our vehicle, and paddle shifters. It doesn't mean that we are going to rush right out and get a newer car for the newer features, but at least we agree that they made it better rather than worse.

Which kind of makes us wonder, how long can we stall in going back to actually pick our car once the work is finished? It seems like we should at least try to use up the tank of gas, right? We just consider it an extended test drive and for once, we don't have to feel bad for flooring the gas pulling away from a green light.

* - I say "luxury" in quotes because, really, have you driven a typical Honda / Toyota / Ford mid-level sedan in the past couple of years? There aren't many bad cars out there, and a lower level make with all the options is more than enough luxury for me.