and the people all said sit down

So I've posted video evidence of Brooklynn moving around. Crawling, cruising, creeping, clambering, and whatever other words that start with "c" and mean "to relocate under one's own power in some manner" you might be able to think of - she's probably tried it. And probably succeeded. But she's still a baby and like to manipulate her parents. She can crawl across a room to put small, smudgy hand prints on a TV screen, but ask her to crawl across a room to come closer to us (because that's where she wants to be) and she will stop, sit on her butt, and cry for us to get her.

And we usually do go get her. (See how we're reinforcing the notion that crying will get you what you want? Give it a couple years and I'll be complaining about that, too.)

In the end, it means she's pretty confident in her ability to tackle pretty much anything like walls, chairs, wood floors, dishwashers, and, most recently, the bath tub.

The tub has walls, nice low walls that are easy to grab and pull on. What, tub floors might be slippery, what with all the water and smooth surfaces? We tell her she has to sit down and that standing is not ok. I'm pretty sure that she has selective hearing. (Rhiannon's pretty sure she gets it from me.)

I left the bathroom with Brooklynn in the tub to grab her a towel. Literally, ten or fifteen seconds.

Brooklynn fell out of the tub.

I guess sometimes the hardest lessons are best learned with a serving of face-meets-floor consequences. And then maybe a hug and a reminder of why we don't stand in the bathtub in the first place.

Anyone want to volunteer to stand guard when she discovers the stairs?