ready to head out on the town

Brooklynn Goes for a Stroll from Chris&Rhiannon on Vimeo.

She really likes her little walker, stroller, or scooter as we've taken to calling it. If it seems like she gets stuck from time to time running into things, that's because she does. But don't worry, she's figured out how to move around to the front side and push it backwards, but she only does this when we don't actually want her to go anywhere.

Not shown: her falling flat on her back about 5 seconds after the movie ended. She's still learning.

(Technical Note: You can watch an HD version of the video in glorious full screen at Vimeo. We bought an HD camcorder - I figured I better get some use out of it sooner or later. You can also download your very own copy at the site as well.)