we've got a mover

A couple of weeks ago, Rhiannon and I felt pretty comfortable leaving Brooklynn alone in a room and knowing that she would most likely be in the same place that we left her when we returned. We had heard stories of other babies Brooklynn's age who were rolling across rooms and crawling over to places they shouldn't be, and, while we discussed the fact that maybe she wasn't hitting all her milestones, we also were ok with the stationary aspect of our child. Last week, Brooklynn started walking with the assistance of a little Fischer-Price toy that she can stand behind and push around. So, not quite as immobile anymore, but still - we had to stand her behind the thing and she only traveled in straight lines, so not concerning.

And then I got the bright idea to start walking her around by standing behind her, holding her hands, and letting her really get into the taking steps, seeing where she's going, and choosing her own direction.

Like a duck to water with the walking, our daughter.

And such a bad move on my part. Now we have a child who wants to WALK! Seriously, it brings back memories of THE BUFFET! I tell you, this level of excitement has not been seen in these parts for many a moon. No, we now have the baby who cries when mom or dad's back hurt too much from bending over and holding little hands and we stop before she's done.

But still, Brooklynn can't crawl. She doesn't go from laying down to sitting. She can't pull herself up. So, unless we actually stand her on her own two feet, she's not really going anywhere fast, right? This has all been true, up until tonight.

Tonight, she used me as I was lying on the floor to pull herself from sitting to standing and then proceeded to stand on her own for a few seconds at a time. Ok, so she accomplished one step.

A little bit later, she went from her stomach to a crawling position and push back into a sitting position. Another step down.

And of course, she has known how to roll from back to stomach for a while now. So, theoretically, aside from the fact that she would have to be close enough to something to pull herself up (because she doesn't crawl to a specific location), she has all the steps to try to walk on her own.

But really, just because she knows how to do all the steps, we really aren't worried - she still has to put them all together and that probably won't happen until, oh, tonight actually.

After her bath, in her crib she back to front to crawl position to sitting in about 10 seconds. And then she tried to pull herself up using the railing on the crib. Hmm, how convenient for her that the crib railing is everywhere and easily accessible.

So, we are dropping the mattress farther down in the crib and waiting for the day we have a small 29 inch person toddling around the house.

We're excited. Kind of. Maybe.

And scared out of our minds.

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