month nine

Dear Brooklynn- This month, I'm glad to tell you that we can finally stop talking about you being sick all the time. (Even though you did spread the stomach flu to your mom, me, your cousins, grandpa, aunt and uncle, and as of this morning you have a runny nose.) No oxygen. No hospital. Just a few outstanding bills that you really don't have to worry about.

Brooklynn - M9-13

No, this month you've been much more interested in starting to stand, move, eat, and anything else that can be done on your own. Crawling hasn't been high on the priority list, but you have managed to become proficient and sliding backwards with no idea of where you are headed. We are prepared for you to be walking well before you ever crawl, which makes it easy to childproof. We'll just put everything on the floor.

You can stand next to couches and holding on to hands, but actually reaching the floor is another matter entirely. You don't know how to crouch or bend at your knees which leads to a lot of bending at the waist and slowly spreading your feet wider and wider so you can actually grab things off the ground.

Brooklynn - M9-6

Very ladylike indeed. We'll have a little work to do before you are allowed out of the house in a skirt.

In addition to your cereal and soft foods, you have also started to eat small puffs that dissolve with a little bit of saliva. Even a toothless wonder such as yourself can enjoy gumming up that type of food. You're just starting to feed yourself, mostly by getting enough slobber on your hand that the puffs will stick to it and then get sucked into your waiting mouth. Less than a 50% success rate right now, but I give you about a week until we turn our back for a minute and wonder where the pile of food in front of you went.

Brooklynn - M9-34

One night this past month, you flipped on to your stomach and fell asleep that way. And then you cried for a little while and fell back asleep. And fell back asleep again. And you've been sleeping on your stomach ever since. For the past two weeks, this has meant you've been sleeping mostly through the night in your own bed. Yes, I from time to time I miss having you come cuddle during the night, but I don't miss having a small person who wiggles and kicks me in the chest next to me every night.

Over the past few weeks, you seem to have found your sense of humor. I wouldn't say that the things that make you laugh make much sense to us at times, but you do seem to enjoy yourself. I never expected the question of "What are you doing?" to be the highlight of the day, but that is exactly what happened. Your mom even taught you how to fake laugh, which I think you use to get a reaction out of us. Already trying to manipulate your parents; I don't like where this is going.

Brooklynn - M9-36

Your mom had her three week spring break this month which meant that you were always home and waiting when I got home from work. Not only would you be waiting, but I would always get a big smile and laugh. And that is a wonderful thing, to come home to a daughter so happy to see me. I can hardly wait to see what the coming months will bring.

But don't worry about growing up too fast. We still haven't child proofed the house. Let's hold off on the whole walking thing for a couple weeks, ok? Maybe think about working a tooth or something instead. Your mom and I would appreciate it.

Brooklynn - M9-12

Love, Dad