pathogenic, part 2

I'd like to offer a little advice to myself for the future: when both your wife and daughter (and niece and nephew) have thrown up recently with a case of the stomach flu, maybe it isn't a good idea to be excessive in your eating. On Monday, when Rhiannon was sick, I had a bowl of Reese's Puffs, a granola bar, two small blueberry muffins, a lemon poppyseed muffin, two bowls of kneophla soup, two summer sausage sandwiches, a cheese quesadilla from Perkins, and a couple glasses of wine. Most of this was consumed after I knew that the flu might be spreading around me.

This is basically an invitation to be sick, and the flu went ahead and RSVP'ed on me three times last night, all about an hour apart. Much like Rhiannon, I don't throw up very often, so when I woke up at 1:30 in the morning feeling a little off, I couldn't immediately place what was wrong.

And then I sat up and figured it out pretty quickly.

Orginally, Rhiannon thought that if she would have been lying down or sitting on a cool tile bathroom floor, she might have never vomited, and, for a moment, when I made it to the bathroom floor without any regurgitation, I thought I might make it through.

This lasted somewhere in the neighborhood of two seconds until there was very little uncertainty where the food in my stomach was going.

And it went. And went some more. And an hour later, it happened again, only there wasn't so much in the way of food left. And the third time, nothing came up.

My abs and entire core area were sore the next day from dry heaving, so imagine that somehow I could market the stomach flu as the next diet sensation: Lose inches off your waist while toning your midsection!

Except the whole part about actually throwing up and generally feeling like crap.

I wasn't the only one that got hit: included in the final tally were Rhiannon's sister Tricia and her dad. He tried to claim food poisoning since he doesn't think all of the food he ate came back up - apparently his body only rejects the bad stuff.

I'm feeling better now and really just glad that I made it through the plane flight without bring up the piece of toast and couple glasses of water I had managed to consume at that point.  All told, it was about 36 hours until I fully felt recovered.

I hope that's the last time I feel like again for a very long time. Maybe next time, I'll just start drinking heavily enough to get it over with right away...