can you tell what's different?

Something's Different Something is different about Brooklynn in this picture.

If you said she doesn't have a canula on, award yourself 50 bonus points. The doctor gave the go ahead to take her off completely yesterday. She's only been on oxygen when she sleeps for the last couple weeks, but is was easier to leave the canula on the whole time.

Now, looking at her, it really looks like something is missing, like when you see a person who wears glasses all the time on the first day they get contacts. It just isn't right.

I was joking with Rhiannon that we've upgraded Brooklynn models to the one with better lungs and she asked if this version comes with a fixed sleep function. I'm not going to hold my breath about that one, although maybe if the problem persists, we can get a recall of some sort to address it.