all systems go

For the past week, at times it has felt like we had a baby on a life support system.  The canula in her nose and pulse-ox meter on her toe have been constants that we based our days around. Between oxygen saturation numbers and flow rates measured in liters per minute, it’s been a little bit of a whirlwind. Today, those numbers were shut down and stabilized.  Last night, Brooklynn held 87% on her room air test with the oxygen flow shut off. This had been the best result by far and the doctor gave us clearance to go home today.

And it’s funny; after so many days of hoping to see improvement and wishing we could get out of here, we chose to stay. The medications Brooklynn has been on in the hospital are ones that we can’t take home with us. The pulse ox monitor is staying here (although we’re trying to get one to take home with us). Basically, the safety net is being removed.

We chose to stay for 24 hours to make sure that everything is fine in the same situation that we’ll have at home. No oxygen, no fancy medicines, but with the assurance of round-the-clock monitoring for one more day and night.

She held mid 90s for blood oxygen saturation on room air for hours asleep and was even higher when she was awake. Really, at this point, we’re freeloading, which is something Brooklynn already has plenty of experience with.

Frankly, we’ve already reached our coinsurance limit and I don’t want to go home and face the non-operable fridge, so here we are.

Barring any setbacks overnight, we’re going home tomorrow and it’s more of a certainty than a hope.

I think we’ll all sleep well tonight.