no babies were harmed in the making of this post

Lest you think we have kidnapped our own daughter and are holding any pictures of her ransom, here you go: Falling Baby

And yes, she fell over right after the picture was taken.

Sometimes it really feels like we have a small person living with us, what with the attitude and independence she shows. There are instances when I get the distinct feeling that she would rather sit in her plastic toys and play with rattles than spend time with us.  I feel this way due to fact that she vainly reach for them when we pick her up off the floor even though she still won't hold out her hands to us. It really makes a person feel loved.

And then, at the drop of a hat, she will turn into a clingy baby that doesn't want one of us out of her site at any time. And please, just hold her and play with her and keep her entertained, because she just really doesn't want to be alone.

We don't ever seem to know which Brooklynn we are going to get. I hear this is called having a baby. Who knew?