happy thanksgiving

The life of the road of warriors continues. While yesterday was our fifth flight with Brooklynn, it was the first on a plane that was large enough to have three seats together on one side, which meant we had to share a row with someone - up close and personal. Yes, Brooklynn is a good traveler, and we do our best to keep her occupied, but there are some people who would rather not sit beside a baby for a couple of hours. Luckily, we ended up next to a woman who was expecting her first baby in four months. So, we got to discuss naming, nursery decorating, and traveling to see family. Also, she didn't complain about the smell when Brooklynn decided to poop on the plane for the second consecutive flight.

On the last flight, we had a row behind us completely open, so it was easy enough to lay her down and change her. And the plane yesterday had a changing table in the bathroom to use - Rhiannon grabbed Brooklynn and the wipes and headed to the bathroom while I grabbed a magazine to read an article I had seen in the contents when I flipped through it. 30 seconds later, Rhiannon was back. She had the baby. She had the wipes. She just didn't have a new diaper.

We figure that this will be the only Thanksgiving that Brooklynn will be content to kick around on the floor while we eat. She did sit on my lap while I had my piece of pumpkin pie and watched pretty much every bite go by. I think she would have been more than happy to take on of the bits off of my hands for me.