real icicle lights

With some of the traveling we'll be doing over the next few weeks, Rhiannon and I decided that if we were going to get lights on our house, we better do it before the Christmas season is over.  That, and the fact that last year we waited until December to get any lights and the selection was pretty picked over. We have LED light strands that allow up to 85 of them to be daisy-chained up to one outlet and they pay for the additional cost in a little over one holiday season. Last year, once we did get the lights, it was easy to put them up.  I don't think we got any real amount of snow worth talking about until sometime in February. Not so this year. It isn't Thanksgiving yet and we just had our second decent snowfall of the season.

One of the lighting decisions we had to make was if we wanted icicle lights for the house or just regular strands. Added cost and the hassle of putting up over 100 feet of lights made the decision pretty easy. Besides, who needs to buy icicle lights when mother nature will do most of the work for you?

Christmas Light Ice Sculpture