starting down the solid path

Tonight, Brooklynn got cereal for the first time. We stirred it up with some water and mixed it in some prunes. I always thought that we would wait as long as possible to feed her "food" rather than only formula, just to make sure she's ready. I'd say that readiness has come sooner than I anticipated. If you've done any reading on babies and solid food recently, there is debate on when they might be ready and how to tell by seeing if they push food out of their mouth with their tongue. Brooklynn has no such issues. In fact, we have to be careful that she doesn't choke on the spoon as she lunges toward it with her mouth wide open.

She had seconds and probably would have had a thirds helping if we would have let her. And then finished off her regular bottle as well. Did I mention that she's around 17 pounds and we can no longer see her neck without digging through her chins first? We're just hoping this is enough food to hold her through the night. Cross your fingers for us.

Who's a Scary Baby?