new behaviors all around

Brooklynn is starting to figure out how to use her limbs a little bit more. She will repeat actions over and over if you let her, like knocking over a water bottle. Set it back in front of her, and she will knock it over again. And again. She's learning. Same with her feet; today, sitting on the couch, we spent a good 20 minutes of her kicking a blanket off her legs and me putting it back on again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

And the screaming. High pitched, almost voice blown-out level screaming. Not unhappy or crying - more of a "just because I can" behavior. She got in her practice and then put it to good use tonight when she didn't want to go to sleep.

Tomorrow is a weekend. Maybe that means we take a break from work and she takes a brake from screaming. Do babies understand the concept of Saturday? There are all these helpful parenting books on how to get your baby to sleep and how to teach your baby to read and what to feed your baby. I'm still looking for the one on how to teach your baby the concept of a day off.