wrap your baby in cotton and fleece

Step 1 Step 2 Step 1: Place baby in crib. It really helps to have a baby handy for this step.

Step 2: Place baby's legs in smaller cotton swaddle blanket leg pocket. Remember the nine pound baby that was dwarfed by this blanket? Good, but that baby is long gone. Expect the current version to fight, protest, and be otherwise difficult and squirmy.

Step 3 Step 4

Step 3: Close blanket tabs with velcro around baby's torso. The blanket is sized for up to 14 pounds. If your 16 pound baby has not burped after the latest feeding session, expect projectile vomit at this stage.

Step 4: Move the entire package onto the larger fleece swaddle blanket. Recall fonder times when this was the same size comparison with a small baby and small blanket. Also recall that the small baby pooped three-plus times daily. Remove the word "fonder" from the previous statement.

Step 5 Step 6

Step 5: Insert small blanket wrapped legs into large blanket leg pocket. It's a little bit like putting a small envelope inside a big envelope, only without the bad taste of envelope glue on your tongue.  Unless, of course, you licked the baby in the blanket. But then it's more like cotton mouth than glue. You might have bigger issues than my poor attempt at a simile.

Step 6: Close large blanket tabs capturing arms in the process. This prevents the baby from clawing herself with her own fingernails during the night. Also, her cousin Grace say now she actually looks like a baby again.

Finished Product

Step 7: Exit the room, quietly, carefully, and hopefully for the entire night.