good thing one of us is a certified teacher

When it comes right down to it, the amount of stuff about being a human that babies learn from their parents is overwhelming. How to move, how to get to sleep, how to talk, how to throw a ball, how to eat... Ok, I guess eating comes naturally, right?  It's one of the those basic survival skills. Babies are born with a sucking reflex that allows them to get food if it is offered to them, and I suppose, when they are old enough, they instinctively know how to swallow solids (as solid as early baby food is, anyway). So, maybe parents are more of faciliators rather than actual teachers.

Now, when it comes to being civilized about our eating habits? We have a little work to do on that topic.

I think she missed a little bit

(The prunes were a suggestion from Brooklynn's doctor to help the hard poop issues she's been having. So far, it's working.)