left behind

I wanted to tell you about how easy this parenting thing is getting. Really, I did. Tonight, Brooklynn and I went along with Rhiannon to watch her playoff volleyball game.  Gametime: 6:30 pm, which means not only do we have to get home, eat, and get out the door, but we also fight the tail end of rush hour to get to the game location.

When Dalon and Lynn visited a few months ago, it would take us about an hour to get everything ready before we could get out the door. I'd like to tell you how much better we are now. I knew that the game would be right during Brooklynn's normal eating time and that she probably wouldn't need a diaper change. Since we already have a diaper bag at least partially stocked for daycare each day, it took my about five minutes to throw in a couple extra needed items like a bottle and dry formula to mix up. Successfully out the door.

We are experienced parents and all.

Except the part where I left the formula powder sitting on the kitchen table when we left.

Luckily, Brooklynn's daycare is pretty close to the fieldhouse where the games were at, so we ran over there and picked up some extra formula. (Thanks, Jamie.)

You know that experienced and prepared part I wanted to tell you about?  I'll get back to you on that. At least I forgot the formula and not the baby.