one saucer of baby, coming right up

In the Saucer This weekend we bought Brooklynn an exersaucer with some of the money from some baby gifts we returned. She has been getting fussy faster and faster with her floor activity mat, and we were hopeful that sitting up and looking around would be more appealing. She likes the one at daycare, so we weren't exactly going out on a limb here.  Beside, we have to do something about that bald spot on the back of her head, and laying on the ground all the time doesn't help.

12 AAA batteries and some time spent with poorly written directions and many brightly colored plastic pieces later, she was in it. It has a spring loaded suspension on that feels more responsive than about half the cars I have driven in my lifetime and the cockpit swivels 360 degrees.

It took her all of about 3 minutes to figure out that now she can just turn around to see the TV rather than straining her neck too much. Wait until she realizes that I can lock the seat in place if I want.

Sometimes it feels good to be evil.