month four

Dear Brooklynn, As of yesterday, you are four months old.  In case you don’t remember that far back, the week you were born was warm; enough that we started the car and let the air conditioner run for several minutes just to cool down before you put you in it for the first time. This week has not been like that week.

Not at all.

Grin On Safari

You are staying at home today, just like yesterday and the day before that, because of snow days. Around two feet of snow has fallen in the past two days, or, as we like to say in our house, about a Brooklynn’s worth. I’m sorry that we don’t have any fun snow pants or jackets to put you in so we could throw you in the show once or twice, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t really be as excited about it as we would be. Today is warmer and little slushy; it's a great day for having a snowball fight and making snowmen, but you didn't seem all that interested.

Baby Soup, Anyone?

Last month, I told you how you liked to bring your hands and items you could grab up to your mouth. Well, did you know that once something is close to your mouth, you can chew on it? Yes, actually you can do know that and I think you demonstrate that at least 50% of your waking hours. Remember how the buffet was more like THE BUFFET?! That's what chewing has becoming. Around our house, we don't just chew; we CHEW! On shoulders, on fingers, on our own hands and fingers, on towels, on toys.  One time I handed you a pen (with the cap on) to try to keep you occupied while I mixed up a bottle for you and you tried to chew on that before you mistakenly stuck it in your own eye.

Maybe we need to work on a little coordination next.

That Baby Looks Good

This month has also seen an few additions to the nightly bathtime routine. You alway seem very excited when we take your diaper off your butt, so one night, to keep you happy while I ran the water, your mom took off your diaper and sat you on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror. And then she put her hand under your bare bottom and helped you to stand on the counter while you admired your sleek baby figure. We do this every night, and it is a hit every time. Either you're really in a hurry to learn to walk so you can get away from us, or you think you are pretty hot stuff.

Mama's Helper Reading with Mom

You have also found your voice over the past couple of weeks. We are subject to a consistent stream of coos and other weird noises coming out of your mouth, which is preferable to spit or vomit. When you really get wound up and going, even your mom can't get a word in edgewise, and when you get to know your mom a little bit better, you will realize how amazing that feat really is. You like to talk when you are tired, mostly while looking off into space somewhere. There are time when you will talk yourself right to sleep for several minutes. Your mom and I can listen to you over the baby monitor to make sure it isn't crying, but you don't need someone to come get you. It seems like you already have your own bedtimes stories you want to share with us.

Honestly, Brooklynn, it's downright adorable, except when you do it at three in the morning on one of the few occasions you wake up during the night. At that point, the baby talking over the monitor right into my ear as I'm trying to sleep isn't quite as appealing. Maybe we can work on a shorter story in those situations.

All Dressed Up

For the most part, you are a happy and healthy baby pretty much all the time, but not everything is perfect. This month you have developed a pooping issue in which your poop resembles adult style pieces rather than baby-type guacamole. I never thought I would be so intimately familiar with another persons butt functions as I have become with yours.

One day, while I was feeding you, you started to scream and cry like your were in pain and there was a lump in your diaper. I found a turd stuck halfway in your butt that couldn't come out anymore because the diaper was holding it in, so I helped pull it for you. Someday, when you are 16 and you tell me that I don't care about you or ever do anything for you, I will direct you to this letter. If pulling poop out of someone else's butt is not love, I'm not sure what is.

Give Me These, I'm A Professional Sitting Up like a Big Girl

Since you are a little on the large and chunky side, the doctor recommended that we add a small amount of prunes to your diet for the time being to see if that will help you onto some softer and more regular bowel movements, so I guess that you are 4 months going on 90 years old. We might have to look into having your daycare moved to a nursing home if possible. Considering that you like to stick your tongue out to lick things a lot, I do not have high hopes for trying put food in your mouth and get you to swallow it.

We had your four month appointment this morning, and according to the doctor's measurements, you are 16 pounds, 3 ounces and 26.75 inches long. For a four month old, that is weighty and off the charts long, so I guess it's time to start looking for volleyball teams for you. Honestly, though, if you'd like to slow down the growing and stay in one size of clothes for just a little bit longer, that would be fine by us.

Cozy and Happy

And stay happy. It makes having you around so much fun.

Love, Dad