sometimes when it rains, it pours

Literally. And when that pouring happens to occur at sub-freezing temperatures, well...

Shoveled - Finally

Best scene of the storm: watching a guy down our street fire up his gas snow-blower to clean his 15 foot driveway while a mom and two kids shoveled in front of their house across the street. Even Rhiannon was out helping me shovel during Brooklynn's naps.

So This Is What "Snow Tire" Means 20-plus inches Fall Hanging On Where We Won't Be Eating

Even Brooklynn took a trip outside. We don't really have baby-sized appropriate winter clothing, mostly due to the fact that she's not really old enough to appreciate the snow. For her, it's just bright and cold. So we wrapped her up in a blanket and took her outside for a minute to get a photo.

Snow Baby

Yes, she's actually sitting in a snow pile from shoveling. She's that hardcore about photo opportunities.