another year down

Today is Rhiannon's birthday, which means that once again, she is the same age I am. When we were younger, I wasn't a huge fan of this - I liked being older (and wiser) and we would celebrate her unofficial birthday the day after mine, at which point I would officially recognize her new age since I would still be a year ahead. Rhiannon would get a second birthday gift, so she never protested too much about the arrangement.

We are past all of that now. Being another year older is no longer anything to celebrate. In fact, if I could stay right where I'm at (and keep all my hair), I would stop right now. But, apparently life doesn't work that way, so we are celebrating once again. Rhiannon is the same age as me, and now I just don't feel quite as old.

I had the day off from work today and took Brooklynn over to school to surprise Rhiannon over lunch. We caught the tail end of her class just before recess (back you tiny flu-laden vermin!) and took  a quick tour of the school to show off the baby. Brooklynn even wrote out a card (with a little help) - the first time Rhiannon has gotten anything addressed to "Mom".

Happy birthday, Rhiannon, from your family. It's more than just me now. Sorry if it makes you feel aged beyond your years.

(Don't fret too much. We can be old together.)