congestion, and i don't mean traffic

This past weekend was the first in about a month that we have just been at home as a family without traveling or going in to work, so we all celebrated by getting sick. No, not flu sick (swine, H1N1, or otherwise), but head cold, sinus congestion sick. Including the three month who lives with us.

Rhiannon has been fighting off a runny nose for the past few weeks (thanks, Sarah), but this was the first round of it really hitting either me or Brooklynn. As bad as I felt over the past few days, I don’t think I can top the sympathy factor of a baby who:

a) can’t breathe through her nose while she tries to suck on a bottle. b) wakes up with one eye completely crusted shut. c) doesn’t know enough to be able to blow her own nose and has to endure us sucking mucus out with a nasal aspirator.

When she’s in a good mood, the nose sucking is kind of fun and a reason to smile. When she isn’t feeling well, it’s just one more thing that makes her cry. When we get to the point of crying, a lot of time the only thing that will soothe her is a bottle (which she can’t drink very well – see point a above) or to be held and walked.

I’d like to think that she responds to the love we exude and the calming influence being embraced has on her, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she just really enjoys being able to both drool and leak snot on us at the same time.