big night out

Last night, both Rhiannon and I played volleyball, which means someone else watched Brooklynn for the evening for the first time since we had her. You know the TV shows where a couple goes out for an evening for the first time but calls the baby-sitter 70 million times just to check in and spends the entire night wondering what is going on at home? That was not us.

  • Brooklynn is not old enough to run around, take off her pajamas, hide in a closet, or break things. She is also not scared of people who are not Mom or Dad.
  • We already gave her a bath, so all that was left in the pre-bedtime routine was to eat. Brooklynn loves to eat. This was not a problem.
  • After she eats, she’s almost always happy and then she falls asleep for the night.
  • Finally, we left her with Rhiannon’s aunt and uncle (parents of the former baby-who-doesn’t-trust-me, now morphed into a very polite kindergartner with 30 minutes of homework each night including math and reading).

30 minutes of homework each night for a kindergartner? They don’t even go to school full time. Sixth graders aren’t suppose to have much over an hour each night. I think when I went to kindergarten for a half day, a good chunk of it was recess, naps, and snack time. And we would do something really challenging, like learn about the letter “C”. Amazing what happens when you expect kids to be taking AP Differential Equations and Advanced Cellular Biology by the time they finish high school.

/end rant

  • We left Brooklynn with Rhiannon’s family, who have raised a child of their own successfully up to this point and went through the baby stage not that long ago. We felt confident in them to handle our easy-going daughter for an hour or two of wakefulness.

And it went wonderfully. She was sleeping when we picked her up (and at 10:30 in the evening, we really hoped she would be). Frankly, since we are planning on asking them to watch her again, we were more worried about Brooklynn behaving badly and them not wanting her back.

Yes, she spit up on Mark. That’s kind of what she does at this stage of her life and really, it just shows how comfortable she was there. Or how uncomfortable she is until she burps after eating. I still can’t tell if she just thinks it’s funny to soil as much laundry as possible.