a glimpse of the future

One of the things that I find about being around Grace and Jacoby is that it serves as a window into the things we can expect in the future of having kids. On our last night in North Dakota a week ago, we spent the night with Dalon and Lynn before we flew back to Colorado. Sunday night is “Football Night in America”, or so NBC would have you believe, and so we did what any American should do sat down to watch a little bit of the night game on TV and marvel at the wonder that is DVR and the modern capability to pause live television.

Considering how much I love technology and all that is new and fancy, this is the first time I have ever witnessed the ability to rewind a game as it is actually happening. The jury is in, and it is right up there with the ability to play full length movies on a tiny screen you carry in your pocket. To think that the children of today may very well grow up taking this sort of thing for granted.

One of the biggest differences between Brooklynn and her cousins is that she doesn’t not talk, move on her own, or have much ability to affect things out of her arm span. This means that she cannot feed self and if she gets bored, another person needs to move her or do something entertaining. It also means that she doesn’t get in to too much trouble on her own if you leave her somewhere for a few minutes.

For a two year old, reverse everything I just said.

We were downstairs, watching football while Grace and Jacoby were playing upstairs for a little bit before they came down to join us. We got wrapped up in skipping commercials and dull commentators that we all failed to notice it was quite upstairs. Too quiet.

Grace came down by herself and Dalon asked her what Jacoby was doing.

Her very straightforward and nonchalant answer: “Oh, he’s playing with the lotion and he has it all over his hands and his hair and the floor… He’s upstairs in his room.”  And she sat down to play with a baby doll.

I ran to get the camera and Dalon waited for me to find it, which gave Jacoby a chance to realize that he was about to be discovered and try to hide, not the evidence, but himself. Which lead to lotion handprints on the furniture. We walked around the corner and found him trying to move behind a dresser, and when he figured out that it wasn't successful, you could see his mind working on an alternative to getting in trouble.  I'm pretty sure that if he was a little older, we would have heard something like, "Hey guys. What's happening? Do you need some lotion, because I have plenty of it right over there. Oh, look at the time, gotta go."

Caught in the Act

This is after he left chocolate pudding on a wall, toilet, sink and soap dispenser at our house a couple months ago (while he was attempting to wash his hands to clean up). I can’t wait until Brooklynn gets to this stage.

Ok, yes I can.