Yesterday, we packed up Brooklynn, headed to the airport, and flew up to North Dakota. As strict as airline security is about 3 ounce bottles of liquid all in one clear bag in carry-on luggage, they are amazingly accepting of water for formula or milk for babies. Thank goodness for that.  We took 10 ounces of food for her through with us, and thank goodness we did. We didn't take a stroller or car seat; I carried Brooklynn through in a chest carrier. She did not have to take off her small booties to go through security and I had more people smile at me (ok, they smiled at the baby) than I have ever seen in a large public place. Flying went well; she ate, slept, woke up, and ate again, so her flight was what a flight might have been for the average traveler before 9/11, back when you still got meals on a plane.

In North Dakota, we went and saw Grace and Jacoby for a couple of hours before we headed out to see Sarah play volleyball. We needed a vehicle, and there was a vehicle that needed to be moved, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

The vehicle was a 1980 Chevy pickup with a bench seat. Stylin'. Brooklynn went in a car seat between us, we rolled down the windows (the 1980 equivalent of air conditioning), and hit the interstate. We might have been a little bit behind schedule, so we pushed that truck a little faster than it might have been intended to go. Luckily, traffic across North Dakota isn't quite like Denver, so we could make up some time.

The best thing about driving and old vehicle that isn't yours is the fact that it comes with instructions. If you give someone a car made in the past few years, it's just a get in a drive it type of event. People don't name new cars. This truck's name is George. He has two fuel tanks, so when the first gets close to empty, switch over to the second. He has a little shake at 70 mph, so don't go to fast. (Actually, it smooths out around 80.) Keep the windows down to let in cool air, but if it gets to windy on the highway, open the back window a little more, close the side windows, and turn the front windows around to bring in a little fresh air that way. Perfect.

Brooklynn sat in a car seat between us, which was pretty awesome to her because she could see us. And we made it.

Swing Hard!

Just in time to watch Sarah play in a gym that was about 30 degrees warmer inside than it was outside. It's amazing how much we take air conditioning for granted until it isn't there. Sarah's team won, we switched vehicles for the rest of the way home, and Brooklynn spent her first night away from home. I think she behaves better when we travel than she does just sitting in our own house.

Ask me again in a couple of years if that's still true. If it isn't, we might be home a bit more. If it is, maybe we'll be somewhere in Europe.