better bath time

All Wrapped Up When Brooklynn was first born, she didn't like baths. In fact, she hated baths. H.A.T.Ed them with a passion reserved for little else in her life aside from hunger. We put her in the water, she screamed bloody murder until we took her out. Needless to say, she got a little smelly from time to time because bathing was not a daily activity.

And then one day, it got better. She liked the bath but didn't like getting out.  There was much screaming and gnashing of teeth upon exiting the water, so it made for good pictures in the tub but not so much during the aftermath.

Last week, she stopped crying when we took her out. She smiles when we wrap her up in her blanket and when we put on her diaper and PJs. Evenings around our house are so much nicer as of late. Maybe it's that delicious layer of baby fat she has stored up (mostly in her cheeks) keeping her a little warmer. Whatever it is, like all good things, we hope it continues.