two months

Dear Brooklynn, This weekend, you turned two months old.  That doesn’t seem like a very long time, but when you stop and consider that it has been a whole month since I wrote you a letter, you are twice as old now as you were then.

You had a growth spurt a week into this month and during those four or five days, you were not happy and you let us know it. You’ve never been a big fan of long naps during the day, but those days were ridiculous. It was almost if time napping was time wasted not being unhappy, and that was unacceptable. Considering you put on a half inch and almost a pound of weight in that span, I can see where the cranky came from.


This month, your cousins came to visit, and in the span of three days you went to a water park, on a drive into the mountains, and to the zoo. Even though your mom and I were pretty exhausted by the end of that time, it was good for us to find out that you are a little trooper when it comes to getting out of the house.

Now our thought is that you are actually happier out and doing something (or out and sleeping) than you are just sitting around the house. We took you back into the mountains ourselves to visit some of your mom’s students on a field trip and you slept in your car seat the entire two hour drive up their. And then you slept for most of the day while we walked around, and then you slept for most of the drive home.

Putting On Shoes

And other than the fact that we think the thin mountain air really tires you out, it also has shown that you are open to sleeping in your car seat while driving, like a normal baby does. You are also open to taking a pacifier from time to time. One time, Mom was driving home with you in the car by herself, and when you started crying because you weren’t the absolute center of her universe at that very moment, she reached back, stuck the pacifier in your mouth, and you fell asleep.

And the heavens opened up and the glory of all that is good shown down upon our vehicle.

This month has also seen you learn to go to sleep by yourself. When we see you start to yawn or look tired, we burrito you up, lay you down, and let you have a little quite time to drift off on your own. Usually, if things don’t go well, just a few minutes of rocking or a couple quick trips up and down the stairs are enough to send you to dream land pretty quickly. I’d like to thank you for this behavior and ask that you please keep it up as long as possible. We found out early on that you don’t like to get overtired, and we don’t like it when you don’t like something, so it’s just a little easier on all of us.


Along with getting so big, you are getting strong as well. When your feet touch any type of object, you like to push against it with your legs as hard as you can; this leads to you trying to stand in our laps or climb over our shoulders when we try to burp you. Your mom had to change her shirt and shorts when you managed to spit up over her shoulder and all the down her back with your climbing antics.

One might think that we could simply stand up and not give you anything to push against, but one might also be wrong. Yes, that does take away the standing leg issue, but you are also strong enough to push back with your arms and hold your upper body and head straight up in the air. You favorite time to do this is when you are so unhappy for such a small person, and you scrunch your tiny face, get very red, and scream.

And the straight back and upright head? Well, that just puts your head right by our ears, which is all the better to hear you with, except the fact that you scream like a diminutive banshee, and no matter how many times we tell you yes, we can hear you but we will go deaf if you continue, it just doesn’t seem to sink in very well. On more than one occasion I have given you bottle or changed your diaper or whatever other action you were so urgently requesting, and in the ensuing silence I tried to find the source of the ringing in the house only realize that was just my ears wringing from the volume of your demands.

Holding up her head

You might think from reading this that you are a handful to deal with, but nothing could be farther from the truth. You love to look at us, or the ceiling fan, or out the window. Sometimes, you even are intrigued by the moving pictures on the TV screen. You love to dance to music and like it when I move your legs or arms around for you. You get so excited in the bath and try to drink the water as you splash about; a couple times you have even managed to splash us as we sit on the edge of the tub to try to wash you up.

You are starting to drool (please don’t be as bad as I was) and put your own hand in your mouth more and more frequently. One day, last weekend, you were waking up and just starting to cry in the morning. I walked into your room to grab you and you stopped crying, looked up at me, and had a huge smile come across your face as if to say, “I know you; you’re the one who cares for me. How wonderful to see you!”


And the last little piece of my heart that wasn’t already completely yours fell firmly into your grasp.

Love, Dad