big baby, small world

Brooklynn weight in yesterday at "E" pounds, which means she has outgrown my homebrew kitchen scale method of weighing her.  She's somewhere between 12.2 and 12.4 pounds according to bathroom scale and some fancy subtraction type math, and if you ever can get her straigtened out, we believe her to be around 24 inches long. Which is fine.  The numbers I mean.  She's on the upper half of the percentile for age charts, but no worries.  She's still just a little baby, right?

Maybe the fact that I see her every day has clouded my judgement.  We went for a walk today and it was a little cool, so we put some pants on her and went looking for a hat. Rhiannon grabbed the same one we took her home in, because that thing was HUGE and maybe it might fit her now.

Big Hat Small Hat

It might fit her, as in it might barely fit over her noggin. I hope that means her brain is big instead of merely signifying the fact she enjoys THE BUFFET just a little too much.