scheduling conflict

Since Rhiannon is the sole owner and proprietor of THE BUFFET, our local 24-hour eatery catering to exclusive clientele, she gets up more during the night than I do. Which means that I sleep while Rhiannon spends time with Brooklynn. We have decided that when Rhiannon goes back to work, THE BUFFET will close its doors and THE BOTTLE will step up and fill that void, which means that I will have some of the witching hour feeding duties. We have been talking about this for a while, but this weekend, we really started to consider the ramifications of Rhiannon returning to work.

Did you know that babies require about a week’s worth of luggage for a daily excursion? Change of outfits, diapers, food, blankets… And we are going to do this on a daily basis, with the goal of consistently getting out of the house at a regularly scheduled time that coordinates with our work schedule, allows us to get a decent amount of sleep, and provides a routine for Brooklynn to get used to.

So, we started talking about the anticipated drop-off time to the morning commute to morning feeding to the expected diaper change to a little bit of fudge time for unforeseen complications and the fact that we will need to have the food we take for ourselves packed and ready the night before and wouldn’t it be nice to find some time to work out or run in there too?

We’re just going to take turns staying up all night.