terrible twos?

Brooklynn is well into her second month of life, and of late, has been a little bit cranky and fussy about it.  Not crying for three hours with no reason other than she knows it would drive us crazy cranky (that's called colic), but enough that is had made for some very long days for Rhiannon.  She is still sleeping well enough at night, but during the day, she will wake up out of a dead slumber the minute you try and set her down.  I think she can sense when a person thinks about putting her down and gets restless from the brain waves we put out. I don't think either of us realized how time consuming it is to go through the "is she hungry, wet, tired, too hot, to cold...?" routine many times a day every day.  Babies don't have weekend.  They don't work 9 to 5 and take the evening off.  They don't get excited about a new episode of Wipeout on TV.  In fact, they don't care much about anything except a clean diaper, a full belly, a good amount of sleep, and someone paying attention to them.

And to be honest, sometimes it's the paying attention that's the hardest part, because after a while, it just gets a little old talking to a baby who shows no signs of even registering you are there, but who will cry if you leave.

And then, all of a sudden, that baby will look you directly in the eye, notice you are there looking back at her, and smile.

Happy Baby

And it makes it all oh so worth it.