wipe(d) out

I thought I've been tired since we've had Brooklynn, but it turns out, there is a completely different type of tired.  One tired is the 'I got no sleep' tired.  This is the baby stage and is noticed in the morning, just after the alarm goes off.  Completely unknown to me, there is a 'I got worn out by small children' tired, and this occurs in the evening when you feel like you will sleep into a coma at any moment. We took Grace, Jacoby, and Brooklynn to a water park today.  Brooklynn didn't really care, but the other two had a blast.  Mostly, we tried to keep the baby out of the sun and the other two in it as much as possible.


Just Watching

Dalon and I went up to Golden and toured the Coors Brewery (complete with free samples) while Rhiannon and Lynn took the kids back home and failed to get them down for naps.  Apparently, they think that us going around and having fun warrants the two males staying home with the kids and them going out for a trip to spa at some point.  I'm not sure how I feel about this, considering neither of us has a chest that rivals THE BUFFET in any way for Brooklynn.


We got back home just in time to start some supper for the visitors.  We added one more child to the mix and three kids tearing around our house at breakneck speed for most of the evening, only stopping to ingest more sugar.  Brooklynn just hung out and agreed that everyone else was too noisy and that she will never behave like that.  She even pinky swore on it, so I'm pretty confident she'll stick to that statement.

With Great-Grandpa

Hanging Around

You Don't Say

Productive and exhilarating day? Yes. Exhausting? Double yes.  I think I'm going to need to go back to work to recover from my vacation.