one month

Dear Brooklynn, Today, you are one month old. To your mom and I, it feels much more like four days than the four whole weeks it has been since we first brought you home from the hospital.  We were going to make a cake for you, but we figured that we didn't need to eat a whole cake by ourselves and you weren't really old enough to even enjoy playing with frosting yet, so that will have to wait.

As I write this, you are having an evening snack from pretty much your favorite place in the whole wide world, THE BUFFET.  And yes, it is required to put THE BUFFET in capital letters, because that is how exciting is; although, you'd think if it was so exciting, you would stay awake a little bit better.  Not only is THE BUFFET a wonderful place both a snack and a nap, but it is also a workout center and you really enjoy doing leg lifts while you eat.  I know I told you that your thighs were thick and drumstick like, but that is ok for now.  You don't have to work too hard to tone up quite yet.


Speaking of thick, that is a wonderful word to describe you right now.  This week, you officially hit 10 pounds.  You've been gaining a half pound a week just like the doctor said you would.  You can also lift your head up when laying on your stomach and yesterday, you rolled from your stomach on to your back and then looked at me as if to say WHAT JUST HAPPENED THERE?!?

I might mention that you rolled over while you were searching for something to eat on your own arm.  I know it's physically impossible for someone to put their own elbow in their mouth, but you were about as close as anyone has ever gotten. This was only after fully exploring from your hand and all the way up your forearm, gumming happily the whole way.  I'm pretty sure you have no idea that it was in fact, your own arm.  You're still learning every day, so don't worry; I'm sure you'll catch on soon.

Dad, seriously...

Both your mom and I go back and forth between feeling like you are still very small and helpless and wondering where this huge child came from and what you did with the little baby we had in the hospital.  You can be downright belligerent when you want to be and no one will tell you to eat, sleep, or be happy when you don't want to, and you have the lung capacity to say no quite emphatically.

You are slowly starting to make more cooing and happy noises rather than grunts and cries, and sometimes, like this afternoon, it really feels like we can have a conversation.  I say something and pause and then you get excited, pump your arms and legs and go AAAHHHH! with a smile on your face.  This carries on for upwards of 5 minutes sometimes, and I really wish that I knew what you were trying to tell me.  It could be just about anything, but I imagine that it's something about have I seen THE BUFFET recently?

Holding Hands

I know that we still have a long time with you, and some day you won't think it's cool to cuddle up with your dad much less take naps on my chest like you have for the past couple of nights.  We'll take this cozy time while we get it and work on the whole sleeping without being wrapped up like a bug.  We'll take the sleeping throught he night that you've been doing and work on the unexplainable fussiness that will cause me to lose hair at a rate faster than I would care to publicly discuss.

Regardless of how I come out after raising a child, just know that your mother and I are so very glad that you are a part of our lives.

Love, Dad