weekend update

This weekend we

  • experienced our first case of projectile vomiting over the burp rag under her head and all over the blanket that just came out of the closet.  Rhiannon and I were both on the couch when a small geyser of curdled milk erupted in front of us.
  • waited until 10:30 pm on a Saturday night to have the first awake and happy time of the whole day.  Come to think of it, that sounds like a lot of college weekends for me.
  • laid Brooklynn on her stomach and saw her pick up her head enough to turn the other direction.  Hooray for checking off baby milestones and overachieving parents living vicariously through their children.
  • made brownies.  Parents need to indulge sometimes too.
  • got Rhiannon out of the house, showered and everything.  Ok, we went to Home Depot for cleaning products, but still.
  • left Brooklynn at home with me while Rhiannon went shopping for two hours.  Brooklynn slept the entire time, and aside from the fact I was about to go out running before I remembered that I was watching a baby, I failed to see what is so hard about staying home alone with her.
  • found out first hand how a fussy baby who wakes up every time she is set down and cries for no apparent reason, loudly, right in my ear, is not fun.  I get how staying home alone with her is taxing.
  • hung out as a family.  I'm digging the whole parenting experience.  A neighbor told us that the first 11 years a easy and then it gets "sketchy", as his kids put it.  At least we have a little bit of the good time left, right?

All in a few days. It's all very exciting; even Brooklynn thinks so when she isn't crying.