a work week down

We made it through the first full work week with just Rhiannon, Brooklynn, and me.  (Actually, I had a scheduled day off today, so I was home on a Friday with them.) I have two things to say:

  1. I have no idea how Rhiannon manages each day while I'm at work by herself with an infant whose only form of communication aside from a couple seconds of occasional eye contact is screaming.
  2. I think the two adults in the house are much more tired all the time than the baby ever is (and you don't see us crying about it, do you?).

Ever since Wednesday night, it's just been a make-it-to-the-weekend type mode around our house.  I know people said there is no way you can prepare and be ready for the experience of raising a child, and I took that with a grain of salt because, really, I've never found too much in life really challenging up to this point.

Congratulations, Brooklynn.  I have less idea what I'm doing to make you happy or mad today than I did when we left the hospital.  At least then, the chances were she was either eating or sleeping.  Now there is fussy for so many reasons and I'm so far away from knowing what they are.

Next week is a new week.  Is it bad that it's exciting and terrifying at the same time?